Golf Clash is a very cool sports based multiplayer game which is developed by Playdemic Games. The game itself is hands down the best phone golf game, with our Golf Clash Hack it only enhances your in game experience for all players.


The game has amazing graphics and the gameplay is next level, you can challenge friends or play random people online in a golf duel! Both our Golf Clash Hack as well as the game itself are available on all devices, iOS & Android! Did we forget to mention, The game is free to play and our Golf Clash Cheat is free to use!

As it is in real life, you need currency to purchase items in the game. Being successful in the game really unfortunately depends on how much in game currency that you own. If you would like to know more about in game currencies keep reading! Or you can skip right to our Golf Clash Hack at the bottom of the page.



Gems can be used to purchase the reward chests and unlock certain club cards. You can also use Gems to unlock many in game items. The only way to earn gems in golf clash is to unlock chests, another option to obtain gems is to purchase them using real life money. You could also consider using Cheatmob’s Golf Clash Hack to obtain tons of gems instantly.


Coins are the main currency used in the golf clash game, they can be used for many different things including; Paying match fees, purchasing and upgrading golf clubs as well as balls/ Obtaining coins isn’t the easiest job in the world, you can only earn them if you win matches or by using Golf Clash Cheats. When you lose a match, you will not recieve coins and you lose your match fees as well. The other way to obtain coins is by being a part of different tours and playing the weekly league challenges.

Buying In Game Currencies:

We do not encourage you to spend real money when purchasing virtual game currencies. However, if you do decide to spend your hard earned money make sure you always purchase the big packs, as most of the time they will offer you better deals with larger packs. A lot of the times they offer combo packs which include Club cards, Gems and coins! Be sure to keep an eye on the store to keep track of the deals before making your purchase. Also keep in mind that all these currencies can very easily be generated with the Golf Clash Hack.

However, if you want to do it the hard way and earn them yourself, the tips below will help you out!

League Matches:

Be a part of the weekly league matches going on in Golf Clash, if you win you will receive rare chests that contain abundance of items that include; Coins, Club cards and Gems! Make it a point to be a part of the weekly league matches when ever you can!

Play A Ton of Matches:

The most well known way to obtain in game currency is to play matches, be sure you play a solid number of games each day to stack up coins. You can earn trophies by playing tours, more tours are unlocked as you earn specific trophies. One other noteworthy way of getting currency is using Golf Clash Cheats.

Gear Upgrades:

Gain a competitive edge in golf clash, you should always be upgrading your Clubs, not only do you need skill to win matches but you also need the best gear possible to give you the greatest advantage and stay ahead of others.

Unlock Chests:

Every 4 hours players recieve a wooden chest, be sure to unlock these free chests as soon as they are available. These chests often contain lots of surprise goodies including; Coins, Club Cards and Gems!

Golf Clash is increasingly becoming more popular, it’s easy to see why. Below you will find a list of reasons as to why Golf Clash has gained popularity this year carrying over from last year.

Realistic Gameplay:

Golf clash provides an amazing in-depth gameplay experience to the users with amazing graphics and very realistic gameplay. The games visuals are designed so well that it provides that of a gaming console experience. The gameplay is quite realistic, players need to take into account so many aspects including; Wind direction, wind speed and choosing the correct club for the hole in order to make the perfect shot. All these factors create a real life golfing experience.

Simple Controls:

Controls in a game are make or break. The controls of Golf Clash are very simple compared to other golf games. In this game, everything can be controlled by a simple flick of your fingers or thumb. The feature has made this game way more loved among other games in all age groups. Players that find it hard to play games with complex controls can simply play this game with no issue.

Social Factors:

You can connect socially with your friends or strangers!. You just need to sync your social network accounts to the game. When you are connected to your friends you can see their game progress and also challenge them to friendly competition in games if they online. These matches are really good for getting ready for actually multiplayer matches.

Different Types of Chests:

There are many different kinds of reward chest in golf clash, each chest offers a different type of item. Silver, Gold and Platinum are the main types of chests that can be won if you place in the top 3 each week. Wood chests are basic, which can be awarded to players every 4 hours.

Pin chest are very unique, they can be won when you pin the ball 8 times in a row. Kind chest arethe only chest that you can not earn, they need to be purchased from the store. All these chests provide unique items including Gems, Coins, Golf Balls and Club cards to the player.

In conclusion, Golf clash is a solid game that you will enjoy. It’s quite possibly the coolest game available on mobile phones in 2018, don’t believe me? Download the game, use our Golf Clash Hack and have a good time!